Exploring new ways to read and write fiction with artificial intelligence

Computation as strange material

Laying bare the social fabric of computation

Teaching interaction design

On the use of self-exemplifying mediums


Open source


Parliament of Species

Multispecies worldings about the entagled futures antibiotic resistant bacteria. Full stack web application in Clojure(script) and Datomic. Unpublished paper avalible on request.

Cocktail Slurp

An unsolicited re-design of the world's foremost experimental cocktail repository. SSR web application Clojure and Datomic.

Sleeping with Ghosts

Exhibition cataloge for Umeå School of Fine Art, BFA ’18.

Östervåla Konstnärsförening/Östervåla Art Association

Identity design for an assosication of fine artists, 2016.

Transnational Social Strike Magainze

Editorial design for TSS Magazine № 1-4, 2016–18.

Liquid Sky

Club posters, 2018–19.

The Uninvisible Koja

Architectural intervention, blocking wave based communication by hiding in plain sight, 2014 with Janek Ozmin.


Visuals for a poetry performance by Lars Mikael Raattamaa, 2014 with live sound by Malte Dahlberg.