Computation as Strange Material: Excursions into Critical Accidents

Master thesis on the concepts on methods through which interaction designers approach computation. A theoretical excursion guided by a set of computational interfaces investigating labor and care in planetary-scale computation.

Multiverse: Non-Linear Generative Literature through Machine Learning

Master thesis about an experimental system for cybertextual generative literature using machine learning. Further developed and publicised as an IoT 2020 paper co-authored with Maliheh Ghajargar. Source code avalible here.

Parliament of Species

A citizen science project researching public response to antibiotic resistant bacteria through collaborative future making.


A data-driven, static site generator library for Clojure. In progress, but powering this website.

Cocktail Slurp

A dynamic aggregation of the world's foremost cocktail repository.


A suite of Emacs editor themes that achieves inner harmony through minimal syntax highlighting and typographic sensibilities.